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Best Hybrid Bike Reviews

There’s a lot of hype surrounding hybrid bikes. These bikes are designed for both off-road riding and city riding. Their design offers some features that you’d expect to find on a mountain bike, and well as some common road bike features. However, you’ll find that many hybrids often lean a little more one way or the other.

The best hybrid bike for you will depend on your specific riding style and fitness needs. Do you want a hybrid that can be used to commute to and from work? Then you’ll probably want a bike that’s more like a road bike because they’re lighter and designed to handle cultivated terrain.

Hybrids that more resemble mountain bikes are a better choice for off-roading.

If you’re a beginner, finding a model that’s easy to use and maintain can also be tricky. Many of these bikes arrive partially assembled and need a tune-up before they are road ready.

Our site is designed for seasoned and beginner cyclists. We’ve chosen the top ten hybrid bikes on the market and categorized them by style and price, so you’re sure to find a bike that will fit your cycling needs and one that will work with your budget.

Our buying guide will walk you through all the different types of features available from the drivetrain to frame style.

On our site, you’ll also find articles devoted to how to fix back brakes on bike, which will come in handy if your brakes have lost their stopping power.

Not sure that a hybrid is right for you and your cycling needs? Then check out our article on what are hybrid bikes used for?

Need to shop for some accessories to go along with your new hybrid? We found a great BV bike light package that will make you highly visible at night.

Our review of the lbera water bottle cage will explain why a lightweight, extra tough water bottle cage really matters.

Read on to take a closer look at hybrids that are creating a buzz in the cycling industry, check out important features and specs, and find the perfect bike that’s built to last.


Comparison Chart

ProductFrame Size OptionsGearsRatingCost
Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2
Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2 Hybrid Bike Review
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Fortified Invincible Theft-Resistant City Commuter Bike
Fortified Theft-Resistant 8 Speed Disc-Brake City Commuter Bike Review
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Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike
Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike Review
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Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike
Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike Review
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Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru Hybrid Commuter Bicycle
Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru Hybrid Commuter Bicycle Review
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Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike
Tommaso La Forma Hybrid Bike Review
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Schwinn Men's Network Hybrid Bicycle
Schwinn Men's Network Hybrid Bicycle Review
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Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Touring Hybrid Bicycle
Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Touring Hybrid Bicycle Review
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Giordano G7 Men's Hybrid Bike
Giordano G7 Men's Hybrid Bike Review
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Northwoods Ladies Crosstown Hybrid Bicycle
Northwoods Ladies Crosstown Hybrid Bicycle Review
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Critical Cycles Men's Barron Hybrid Bike
Critical Cycles Men's Barron Hybrid Bike Review
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Quick Summary

Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2:

Offering an excellent, lightweight aluminum frame, tough tires, and a smooth ride, this hybrid is perfect for daily commutes, light trail riding, or fitness training. Due to a lack of suspension, we don’t recommend it for heavy off-road use.

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Fortified Invincible Theft-Resistant City Commuter Bike:

This is one tough bike and it’s designed specifically with daily commuting in mind, so you know it can take a beating. Equipped with special bolts designed to deter theft, a rust-resistant chain and drive, a lightweight aluminum frame, and rugged tires, you can easily see the manufacturer thought of everything when they dreamed up the Invincible.

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Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike:

Rated as the top hybrid bike for women, you’ll love all the features the Discover has to offer. A bike that can handle both cultivated and rough terrain, the Discover offers a more comfortable ride, a durable, lightweight frame, and a ton of features designed specifically for the avid commuter.

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Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike:

Rated as the leading hybrid bike for men, this lightweight hybrid comes packed with top of the line features that allow you to use this bike for longer daily commutes. Reasonably priced and built to last, you’ll love what this Vilano hybrid has to offer.

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Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru Hybrid Commuter Bicycle:

An elegant bike that combines a vintage look with modern conveniences, this women’s hybrid is a show stopper and a bike any cyclist will instantly fall in love with. However, the bike’s heavy-duty steel frame may make it a poor choice for the beginner with a long commute.

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Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike:

Equal parts mountain bike and road bike, the La Forma can take you where you need to go, whether it’s a rocky trail or slick city street. A great buy for the price and covered by a lifetime warranty, you can’t go wrong with this hybrid by Tommaso.

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Schwinn Men’s Network Hybrid Bicycle:

Offered at a lower price, this budget-friendly model offers high-quality components including a twenty-one gear system, and top of the line rear derailleur. Able to handle a wide variety of terrains, effortlessly, for the price this Schwinn hybrid is a total steal.

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Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Touring Hybrid Bicycle:

A hybrid bike with heavy cruiser influence, this women’s style hybrid is easy to handle and works well on cultivated terrain, making it the perfect bike for recreational use, but the bike’s sheer weight and limited gear system don’t make it a good option as a daily commuter.

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Northwoods Ladies Crosstown Hybrid Bicycle:

A bike that offers twenty-one speeds but can’t seem to shift past the fourth gear, if you’re looking for a great, dependable, hybrid this definitely isn’t it.

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Giordano G7 Men’s Hybrid Bike:

One of the leading hybrids in the industry and offered at an impressively low price, you’ll love everything about the G7 including the excellent stopping power, sheer versatility, and the comfortable ride that allows you to push yourself to the limit during your next race.

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Critical Cycles Men’s Barron Hybrid Bike:

Offered at an unbeatable price, versatile, and equipped with pro components by Shimano and Mega Range, the bike’s lightweight frame combined with excellent suspension makes this the perfect bike for commutes and off-road riding or fitness training.

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Fortified Invincible Theft-Resistant City Commuter Bike Review-Best Overall Hybrid Bike

Fortified Theft-Resistant 8 Speed Disc-Brake City Commuter Bike ReviewThe Invincible hybrid bike by Fortified is designed as a city commuter. It features security bolts that make the bike theft-resistant, and it comes with puncture-resistant tires and an eight-speed gear system that’s perfect for rides around town.

Both the bike’s frame and chain are rust-resistant. The lightweight aluminum frame allows riders to easily maneuver and handle busy city streets.

Getting a flat on the road is no longer a concern, thanks to the innovative puncture-resistant tires.

This bike features Delta locking hardware that prevents thieves from stealing individual parts from your hybrid. In order to remove any of the bike’s components, you’ll need to use the included special tool to unscrew the Fortified bolts on the stem, water bottle holder, handlebars, front wheel, and seat.

The bike features thirty-two-millimeter-wide 700C tires, like most models of hybrids. It also comes with Tektro disc brakes for excellent stopping power.

The frame itself creates a strong base. The frame consists of tough 6061 aluminum that weighs in at just twenty-six pounds. It has a high rider weight capacity of two hundred and seventy pounds.

The pre-drilled holes allow the cyclist to install a rear cargo rack and front and rear fenders.

The bike is available in three size options ranging from small to large. Thanks to these size options, cyclists should be able to find the perfect fit.

This model is designed as city tough and can handle riding in wet weather conditions like a champ. The zinc-coated, rust-resistant chain, combined with the aluminum frame, and house-brand puncture resistant tires make this hybrid extremely durable.

With it’s innovative patented bolt locking system, you can feel at ease leaving your bike locked or chained up while you’re at work. If the bike is stolen and the theft reported to Fortified, the Fortified customer service team will monitor sites such as eBay and Craigslist, and check in with local police in the hope of helping to reunite the bike with its owner. If the bike is not recovered within twenty-four hours the company will send a free replacement. For this type of top of the line protection, you’ll need to register the bike on the manufacturer’s website and pay one hundred dollars a year for the Fortified Protect plan. But if you use your hybrid daily to get to and from work, you’ll find that this extra fee is totally worth it.


This is a lightweight, sturdy hybrid that will quickly get you where you need to go.

The innovative anti-theft features give cyclists a little peace of mind and excellent protection against theft.

The manufacturer offers to replace any stolen components, should the anti-theft locks fail.

The sizing options make it easier for the cyclist to find the right size frame.

The eight-speed gearing system allows cyclists to reach higher speeds quickly and easily.

The bike’s design is perfect for city riding.

This model is specifically designed as a commuter, which means it can easily handle heavy daily use.


Marketed as a city commuter, this bike is not designed for off-road use.

Despite the anti-theft bolts, theft is still possible with the use of a Fortified bike tool.


The Invincible may not be exactly invincible, but it does a great job of deterring theft unless of course, you’re dealing with a seasoned thief who just happens to have a Fortified bike tool. Overall, not only is this lightweight bike fast, easy to adjust, and highly durable, it’s a pleasure to ride and it’s one hybrid bike you know you can count on, in any type of weather.

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Choosing the Best Hybrid for Men

The difference between a bike designed for women and one designed for men is pretty simple. A bike for men will come with a horizontal crossbar, while a hybrid designed for women will not. It probably seems like a slanted crossbar makes more sense for a men’s bike, but the horizontal crossbar actually ends up improving the frame’s durability. Another major difference when it comes to bikes for men is the size of the frame. These bikes are usually designed for taller, heavier riders, so the frames themselves will be heavier and bigger in order to accommodate longer arms and legs. Additionally, because the frames on a women’s bike are smaller, they’re also often priced more affordably because the frames don’t require the same amount of materials.

Hybrids designed for men will come in a wider variety of frame size options and choosing the right size can be very important for both your comfort and safety on the road. Pay close attention to the sizing chart in order to determine the best size of the frame for your height and build. Remember, size tends to vary from brand to brand, so just because you typically ride a size large frame for Schwinn bikes doesn’t mean that you’ll use the same size frame for Critical Cycles or Giordano.

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike Review -Best Men’s Hybrid

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike ReviewVilano is a major player in the industry, offering top of the line hybrid bikes that are packed with features. They have a reputation for versatility, which is one of the reasons the Diverse 3.0 has made it to the top of the list as the leading men’s hybrid.

The Diverse 3.0 Vilano hybrid bike is the best men’s hybrid bike on the market. This hybrid works well as a daily commuter and it can handle light off-road riding.

This is more than just a standard commuter bike, in fact, it’s specifically designed to cater to the cyclist’s different riding needs.

The Diverse features front and rear derailleurs, a hydroformed alloy performance lightweight aluminum frame and fork, disc brakes for excellent stopping power and an upright handlebar design.

The twenty-four gear Shimano shifters are incredibly smooth and allow you to quickly shift gears to suit terrain type. The wider variety of gears also allow you to easily take on hilly or other types of challenging terrain.

This model will arrive partially assembled. If you don’t have experience assembly bikes we recommend you have it professionally assembled. If you do decide to tackle this job yourself, you’ll need to install the wheels, saddle, handlebars, flip the stem, tune the derailleurs, and install the pedals. Most buyers reported that assembly takes approximately forty-five minutes.

The ergonomic saddle combined with the upright flat handlebars provide a more comfortable ride.

We received a lot of feedback from cyclists regarding the assembly. Generally, experienced cyclists felt that it was a streamlined process, while beginners had trouble with tuning the brakes. Right out of the box, the brakes feel way too loose and are in desperate need of an adjustment.  Shifting can also be an issue. We highly recommend having a pro give your bike a proper tune-up before you take it out on your first ride.

The large fifty-three CM frame can be too much bike to handle for some riders, especially those under five feet, ten inches.


The lightweight frame encourages longer riding times and easy handling.

The precise shifters make changing gears a seamless process.

This model comes equipped with top of the line front and rear derailleurs.

The two-pronged fork allows you to ride over a variety of terrain types.

Built tough, this bike is designed for daily commutes, fitness training, and light off-road riding.


For some, the fifty-three CM frame is too large and isn’t recommended for riders under five feet, ten inches.

The lengthy assembly process and tune-up can be complicated for beginners.

Many cyclists reported that the stock seat is too rigid and uncomfortable.

The lack of shock absorption in the handlebars can cause the cyclist’s hands to become numb on longer commutes. Some cyclists reported that purchasing sponge grips can solve this problem. Basically, when it comes to off-road riding, this bike will really struggle, so we recommend sticking to cultivated terrain whenever possible.


The Diverse by Vilano is the leading men’s hybrid bike on the market. While price is a big reason behind this, once the bike is well-tuned you’ll quickly find out that the Diverse is a hybrid you can really rely on. The lightweight frame, quality Shimano components, and thick tires allow you to travel over a wide variety of terrain types, yet the bike simply can’t handle rocky trails or gravel paths. We would recommend this hybrid for any cyclist who’s in need of a daily commuter or a reliable bike for fitness training purposes.

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Top Hybrid Bikes for Women

If you’re a woman and an avid cyclist, then you probably already know that when it comes to finding the best hybrid bike for women, it can be a real challenge. Basically, there are definitely more hybrid bikes out there for men than there are bikes specifically designed for women.

If you enjoy riding in all types of weather conditions, and a variety of terrain types, whether you’re riding the trails or commuting to and from work, then you’re probably searching for the best hybrid and one that’s comfortable to ride and versatile to boot.

Hybrids are a great combination of the mountain bike and road bike, and in many cases, they offer the best of both worlds in terms of standout features for both styles of bikes, but they have their limitations too. If you plan on riding on trails, off-road or on the pavement, then finding the right type of hybrid that can handle different terrain types equally well should be your top priority.

Hybrid bikes typically have a more relaxed riding position that offers are more comfortable riding experience. They typically come with a comfortable saddle and riser bars and they usually have great clearance. Most models feature wider grooved tires that are designed for both rough and cultivated terrain. They’re designed to be ridden on the road, so their tires are pretty smooth, but the extra width provides stability for rough trail riding. Most models also have generous gearing, ranging from eight up to twenty-four. The best hybrid for women will include all of these features, in a more compact frame, and they’ll be much easier to dismount. The bike’s riding characteristics will also be less aggressive compared to a men’s hybrid since men typically have longer arms. A good hybrid for women should make a ride less taxing on the body.

In terms of hybrids designed specifically for women, we came across two leading models that offer some of the best features you’ll find on the market.

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike Review-Best Women’s Bike

Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike ReviewThe women’s Schwinn Discover hybrid bike comes with 700C tires, a lightweight aluminum frame, twenty-one speed SRAM shifters, alloy linear pull brakes, and sweptback upright handlebars.

This bike is perfect for leisurely rides and commuting.

The bike’s shifters contribute to the smoother, faster riding speed that many people have come to expect from Schwinn bikes.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best hybrid bikes for women on the market. It’s built tough, reliable, and handles like a dream.

Equipped with a rear Shimano derailleur, and a twenty-one speed SRAM grip shifter, this is definitely the right bike for you if you’re looking for a daily commuter.

The bike’s metal alloy crank is designed for increased durability. The reinforced suspension fork allows riders to easily handle difficult terrain, although the bike itself isn’t designed as an off-roader.

The linear pull brakes provide impressive, precise stopping power.

The 700C tires allow the bike to roll faster, offering a smoother ride.

The Suntour suspension fork offers a more stable ride, giving the cyclist ultimate control over terrain and obstacles. The suspension seat post helps to absorb vibrations caused by rocky or rough terrain. So the cyclist can enjoy greater control and utmost stability.

Equipped with alloy linear pull brakes, you can enjoy impressive, reliable stopping power.

The sweptback handlebars offer the perfect upright riding position for a more comfortable ride. Unlike most stock saddles you’ll find, the saddle on the Discover is comfortable and heavily padded.


Excellent handling and smooth riding.

The stock saddle is heavily padded.

The Discover is designed for both city riding and light off-road riding, providing the best of both worlds in a bike that’s equally designed as part road bike and part mountain bike.

The bike’s rear suspension allows the cyclist to tackle more challenging terrain.

The lightweight aluminum frame is perfect for longer commutes.

The bike’s sweptback handlebar design provides a more comfortable riding stance and works to minimize shoulder and back pain, so you can enjoy longer rides.

Great for light off-roading and cultivated terrain riding.

Offered at a lower price, we felt that the Discover was a total steal.


Some cyclists had complaints regarding the height of the saddle, which can be too high for some, making it difficult to pedal. Because of this, we don’t recommend the bike for cyclists under five feet, four inches. Shorter riders will have to jump down off the saddle to stop.

This bike is also not recommended for off-road riding.

The fender is made out of plastic and has a reputation for rubbing on the back tire.

If you’re not really handy with a wrench, we recommend having the bike professionally assembled. On average, cyclists reported that the assembly process was difficult and took about an hour.


The Discover by Schwinn is a great choice for city riding. The bike’s frame is designed with women in mind, so dismounting and mounting are easy and comfortable. Keep in mind that this isn’t a good choice for shorter cyclists. We recommend paying close attention to the Schwinn sizing chart before you hit that buy now button. Overall, unlike other models of hybrid bikes in this price range, Schwinn delivers a true hybrid that’s equal parts mountain bike and road bike. This type of versatility allows you to easily handle a wider range of terrain types in total comfort.

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Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru Hybrid Commuter Bicycle Review-Runner up for Best Hybrid for Women

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru Hybrid Commuter Bicycle Review

Critical Cycles is a relatively new hybrid bike company, but they produce some great hybrids for men and women. On average, Dutch style hybrid bikes cost more than the standard hybrid, but this one is reasonably priced, stylish, fully functional and comfortable as well. It features a loop-style step through frame in a gorgeous black, forest green, and cream color scheme.

The features aren’t too shabby either. This women’s hybrid comes with standard Kenda Kwest tires, which are perfect for hybrids because they feature a tough design with large water dispersion grooves and a smooth rounded tread that makes them perfect for a variety of terrains and wet weather conditions.

The seven-speed Shimano drivetrain is perfect for this hybrid commuter that’s designed for heavy use. The bike comes in two size options: small or large.

If you’re searching for the perfect commuter hybrid or a bike you can use to hit the streets on a sunny summer day, then look no further than this Critical Cycles hybrid. It features a retro look right down to the classic body-colored fenders, chrome bullet headlamp, and rear rack. However, these vintage styled accessories are sold separately by the manufacturer.

This bike is a real head turner, designed with twist-grip seven-speed shifters and a robust steel frame. The bike offers the convenience of modern day urban riding with a vintage style inspired by 1950s flair.

The bike’s frame is high tensile steel that has been TIG welded for increased durability. Weighing in at thirty-five pounds with the optional accessories, this bike is still on the lighter side, making it easier to transport.

Equipped with 700C alloy double-wall rims, it also comes with a sealed bottom bracket that’s designed to prevent dirt and debris from entering the crankset.

The bike’s horizontal, flat handlebars help to increase rider comfort, preventing lower back and shoulder pain and discomfort. For easier balance, the bike sits lower to the ground. For shorter women under five feet, four inches, the small frame is a perfect choice. For women taller than five feet, four inches, the large sized frame works well to provide a more comfortable design that can easily accommodate longer legs.


The bike features an elegant, feminine design that’s very eye-catching, yet understated.

The optional accessories further add to the retro design.

Built tough, this is a well-rounded bike that you can rely on for daily commutes or recreational use.


The bike lacks suspension which will limit the rider to mostly cultivated terrain, although some cyclists have reported that the bike handles gravel and dirt roads fairly well.

The bike arrives partially assembled, which is a downside for the beginner. However, the included instructions are very straightforward and easy to follow.

The steel frame adds plenty of heft to the bike, which may make it a poor choice for some cyclists with longer commutes.

We love the optional fenders, light, and rear rack, but the added cost of said accessories can be a downside for the cyclist on a tight budget.


This hybrid bike for women by Critical Cycles is all about style. It works well as a daily commuter or for recreational use, but it’s simply not designed for the cyclist who enjoys off-road riding. Well-built, reasonably priced and equipped with high-quality components and an excellent braking system, we can tell the manufacturer is quickly going to become a leader in the hybrid bike industry.

We recommend this model to any woman searching for a bike with more of a road bike feel and one that can handle regular use.

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Top Hybrid Entry-Level Bicycle for Beginners

What type of hybrid bike should the beginner look for? What makes a particular model easier for the newbie to use? These are common questions people ask when they’re shopping around for a new hybrid. If you’re a beginner, you’re not going to want to drop a couple thousand dollars down on a new bike that you’re not even sure you’re going to use consistently. You probably also don’t want a new bike that’s difficult to use and maintain.

If you’re a first-time hybrid buyer, look for the following features:

•    Reasonable price: If you’ve recently decided to jump back in the saddle, start off with a moderately priced hybrid. One that won’t put a lot of stress on your bank account. You can always upgrade later down the line if you decide that you enjoy cycling and want a more versatile model.

•    Maintenance needs: Some of these bikes can be a real hassle when it comes to maintenance. Delicate drivetrains, complicated brake setups, and gear adjustments are just part of it. If you’re new to cycling, you want a bike that you know you’re capable of taking care of without always having to run to your local bike shop for help.

•    Gears: Some models come with over thirty gears to choose from. Many newbies struggle with choosing gears, especially when it comes to uphill riding. We recommend keeping it simple and sticking with models that have seven to twelve gear systems. Again, you can always decide to upgrade later down the line.

•    Assembly: This sort of falls under the category of maintenance needs because many complicated models can require brake alignments or wheel centering during assembly. If the bike requires an extensive assembly process and plenty of fine-tuning, you may need to opt for a more basic model or count on having the pro at your local bike shop do the hard work for you.

Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2 Hybrid Bike Review-Best for Beginners

Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2 Hybrid Bike ReviewDiamondback is a popular hybrid bike manufacturer that has a reputation for producing lower priced bikes that are well-built and very versatile. The Insight two comes in a wide range of sizes so the cyclist can ensure they get the perfect sized frame for ultimate control when riding on roads and trails.

The Insight 2 by Diamondback is a top-selling hybrid bike that can outperform other hybrids in this price range.

The bike’s aluminum frame allows you to enjoy top speeds and travel further. This is the same frame you’ll find on the Insight 1 and it’s designed for comfortable upright riding and heavy daily use.

This hybrid comes with a Shimano twenty-speed drivetrain, and a variety of tire sizes to choose from that range from small at sixteen inches, up to extra-large 700C road wheels.

The Insight 2 has gained quite the reputation in the cycling world, mainly because of how easily transitions between the trail and asphalt.

The bike’s disc brakes are said to last longer, providing excellent stopping power, even on rougher terrain.

This model features a variety of Shimano components aside from the shifters, including the brake levers, derailleurs, bottom bracket, and cranks.

The hybrid’s double wall rims are designed to handle any knock in the road and heavier cyclists.

It’s also the perfect bike for weekend rides, daily commuting, or fitness training and is considered incredibly versatile by seasoned cyclists,

Because frame size tends to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, we recommend taking a look at the Diamondback sizing chart which can be found on their website, before you order.


The frame’s lightweight design allows you to pedal harder, rider farther and is perfect for serious trainers.

Reasonably priced

The manufacturer offers several size options, allowing you to pick the right sized frame for ultimate control on the road and a more comfortable ride.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t have suspension, many cyclists felt that the bike provided a smoother ride.

This bike is perfect for light road riding and daily commuting.

The frame features a variety of tapped and pre-drilled holes and bolts to install a water bottle cage.

It offers tight turns and great acceleration with minimal effort when you’re in a higher gear.

The alloy brakes are easy to maintain and adjust,


The bike doesn’t come with front or rear fenders, however, there are eyelets on the frame that will make adding rear and front fenders, or a rack, easy.

Cyclists reported that the brakes shake and shudder until they’re broken in. How fast they can be broken in depends on how often you ride.

This hybrid has no suspension.

You’ll quickly find that the included stock saddle is uncomfortable, so you’ll want to upgrade it as soon as possible.

There have been some complaints regarding the spokes. Some cyclists stated that the spokes are prone to breaking and must be tightened before a ride.

Cyclists who ran into issues with the bike had a tough time getting a response from the Diamondback customer service team.


We felt that Diamondback did a great job of making important improvements over their last model, the Insight 1. You’ll enjoy a higher quality frame, tough wheels, excellent shifters, and brakes and a bike you can really depend on.

The Insight 2 is a budget-friendly model that features a design that leans more towards a road bike than a mountain bike. We don’t recommend this model for heavy off-road use, due to the lack of suspension. Overall, this hybrid is a great choice if you’re in need of a reliable commuter or a bike you can train on.

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Best Hybrid Bikes for the Money: When You’re on a Tight Budget

The saying “you get what you pay for” is often true, but there are some exceptions. We’ve reviewed dozens of the leading models of hybrids on the market, in every price range and what we’ve found will surprise you. We came across higher priced models that couldn’t outperform hybrids under $300. Too often, leading manufacturers charge way too much for bikes that are equipped with cheap plastic components, poor gear systems, and tires that can’t even hold air, but they can charge pretty much whatever they want, simply because they’re a leading brand that people trust.

While more often than not you’ll find better quality when it comes to bikes with a higher price tag, there’s still plenty of hope when it comes to buying an affordable hybrid. So, if you’re on a tight budget, then this section is for you. We’ve found some great lower priced hybrids that won’t break the bank. Each model comes equipped with great features including top of the line drivetrains, brakes, and much more, but they’re available at a price that’s affordable. While they may not come packed with extras, the manufacturer has covered the basics and they’ve done a great job of keeping the price down without skimping on important features.

Tommaso La Forma Hybrid Bike Review- Best Cheap Hybrid Under $1000

Tommaso La Forma Hybrid Bike Review

The Tommaso La Forma is a lightweight aluminum hybrid bike that’s equipped with a carbon fork that’s designed to reduce vibration.

The frame comes with pre-drilled holes that will allow you to customize your ride by adding fenders, pannier racks, and more.

The bike’s wide tires can easily handle wet city streets or muddy trails, offering top of the line gripping power.

The hybrid also comes with a Shimano drivetrain 48-36-26 T crankset, and an 11 32 T nine-speed cassette, providing cyclists with a wide range of gears that are designed to handle any type of riding conditions.

You’ll also enjoy shifting with more precision thanks to the Acera Rapid Fire shifters.

The bike itself was designed by cycling enthusiasts, so you know it was created with the rider in mind.

Whether you prefer riding rocky trails or commuting to and from work on city streets, the La Forma is a perfect choice.

This hybrid is available in five sizes ranging from extra extra-small up to large.

This is a very reliable hybrid that’s perfect for fitness enthusiasts in search of a tough hybrid that won’t quit. It’s also designed for heavy use, so it can handle daily commutes.

Weighing in at just twenty-five pounds, the La Forma is part of the Sports Series by Tommaso, all of which have the optimized geometry system frame design. This design features tube shapes of varying degrees of thickness that provide the cyclist with top of the line road dampening qualities and more efficient power transmission. Combined, this design helps to minimize rider fatigue, encouraging a longer ride time.

Like other models made by Tommaso, this bike features a ready to ride build, which means the bike arrives ninety-nine percent assembled.


The frame is covered by a lifetime warranty.

With twenty-seven gears to choose from, you can choose the perfect gear whether you’re riding uphill or across a gravel path.

The manufacturer offers an easy to following sizing chart that allows you to pick out the perfect frame size based on rider height.

The paint used is high-gloss and corrosion resistant.

The high modulus carbon fiber fork delivers max road dampening, so you can enjoy a smoother ride regardless of terrain type.

The Acera drivetrain comes equipped with a wide range of gears and features a heads-up display that allows you to easily determine what gear you’re in.

Shifting gears can only be described as consistent and super smooth.

The high-performance Tektro brake set is reliable and delivers optimal stopping power in any type of situation.

The twenty-nine spoke wheels feature Migda alloy rims that are designed extra tough.

The thirty-two-millimeter-wide tires can handle rough terrain and slick roads.

Because the bike is ready to ride, assembly takes only ten minutes, no fine-tuning required.


Some cyclists complained that right out of the box, the front wheel wobbles, so adjustment and wheel alignment may be needed in some cases.

Because the bike features a twenty-seven-gear system, for beginners, changing gears can take a little getting used to.


The La Forma by Tommaso is a smooth commuting machine. The bike’s gel grips and comfortable saddle work to further improve the rider’s comfort. The gear system combined with the carbon fork make this the right type of hybrid for all your commuting and fitness needs. This hybrid handles well on the streets or on the trail. With a lifetime warranty on the frame, you’ll find that the La Forma is a great bike you can really depend on for several years to come.

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Giordano G7 Men’s Hybrid Bike Review-Runner-up Best Hybrid under $1000

Giordano G7 Men's Hybrid Bike Review

The G7 by Giordano features an aluminum frame, fifty-millimeter alloy crown suspension fork, twenty-one speed Shimano derailleurs and shifters, suspension seat post and adjustable riser stem.

Just from these specs alone, you can tell this bike is highly adjustable. Additionally, the suspension seat post and suspension fork combined provide excellent shock absorption that helps to provide a smoother ride when you’re off-roading. The 700C wide wheels allow you to head out on rocky, bumpy terrain, equipped with thick tread that grips dirt roads and slick terrain so riding in wet weather is a breeze.

The bike is super lightweight thanks to the handcrafted aluminum frame, so it’s a good bike to train with, workout with or it can be used as a daily commuter. Basically, this is a well-rounded hybrid that’s very versatile and beginner friendly. In fact, the G7 is everything a hybrid bike should be. Often, many models of hybrid bikes in this price range feature a heavier frame or they don’t come equipped with the right tires or suspension for off-roading, but the G7 changes all that.

Whether you want to check out a new bike trail or head downtown and do a little shopping, the G7 is the only bike you need.

The bike’s upright riding position further increases the cyclist’s comfort so you won’t have to worry about shoulder, neck, or lower back pain.

The linear pull brakes are extremely reliable and offer great stopping power.

The twenty-one speed Shimano shifters further increase the bike’s versatility, allowing you to choose from a wide range of gears based on terrain type and even weather conditions. If you use your hybrid to commute to and from work, you’ll no longer have to dread that uphill portion of your ride. The gear shifting is seamless and quick, so you can instantly enjoy an easier uphill ride.


The lightweight, tougher than nails kickstand is a nice addition, that works to keep the bike upright.

The bike offers quick steering and great maneuverability.

The G7 is packed with the right type of features and components that you want and need for an off-roader, daily commuter, or fitness bike.

The twenty-one gear options are a huge selling point for commuters.


The bike comes with plastic stock pedals that you’ll definitely want to upgrade if you use this bike for commuting or fitness training.

The assembly process can be complicated and lengthy, especially for the beginner. The front suspension, derailleurs, and the brakes require a bit of fine-tuning before the bike is ride-ready.

The bike doesn’t come with assembly instructions, which can further complicate the process. However, if you email customer service you’ll find that they’re quick to respond and can provide you with a PDF of the assembly process.

The stock saddle is too stiff and lacks padding, so you’ll need to upgrade the seat or purchase a gel cover.

With a weight of forty pounds, this bike may be too heavy for some cyclists, especially those who have a long commute.

Some cyclists felt that the handlebars were difficult to adjust.


The G7 men’s hybrid by Giordano is offered at a reasonable price, especially considering this hybrid is feature packed. While the assembly process is lengthy and complicated for some, once the bike is adjusted correctly, you’ll find that it’s built-solid, versatile, and works for a wider range of applications and terrains compared to the average hybrid. From an uphill slope to flat terrain, this bike can take on any challenge on the road, while providing cyclists with a comfortable and smoother riding experience.

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Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Touring Hybrid Bicycle Review-Top Selling Hybrid Under $500

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Touring Hybrid Bicycle ReviewSixthreezero is known for their classic styled bikes that are equipped with more modern features, and the Evryjourney is no different. You’ll love the clean, simple style, powerful brakes, and durable frame, which makes up a bike that’s fun to ride and easy to use.

This hybrid bike designed for women features the classic step-through frame made out of lightweight aluminum. The bike comes equipped with large twenty-six-inch wheels, a low swooping frame for easy dismount, and a max weight capacity of three hundred pounds. It also features the Shimano seven-speed internal hub complete with rear and front handbrakes.

The bike’s foot-forward pedal and seat position will allow the cyclist to place their feet flat on the ground, providing improved stopping power.

We found that the bike rides well on cultivated terrain and can manage light off-roading.

The bike’s soft faux leather seat offers a more comfortable ride that you normally wouldn’t expect from a stock saddle.

The classic whitewall tires further add to the bike’s vintage charm.

Unlike other hybrids in this price range, this bike comes with both rear and front fenders, which help to keep mud, dirt, and grime, off the tires, allowing you to ride in a variety of weather conditions.

This bike is a combination of a cruiser and a road bike and doesn’t offer the type of durability or off-road use that a traditional hybrid can.

Since the bike is more designed as a commuter, the fact that it comes with seven speeds is perfect for most cyclists.

This bike arrives partially assembled and requires some adjustment to the brakes before you’re able to take it out for a ride.

Overall, we found that the seasoned cyclist should be able to put this bike together in about forty-five minutes, while the beginner may want to fork over the extra cash and have it assembled by a professional.

The fact that this bike only comes in one size and is equipped with the large twenty-six-inch tires makes this model more suitable for taller cyclists.


The bike comes with powerful, modern brakes, giving you a hybrid with a vintage look and modern features.

This is a lightweight bike that’s fast and easy to transport.

It features an elegant, vintage-inspired style.

Considering the low amount of gears, changing gears is fast and easy. Most cyclists also reported that despite the low amount of gear options, each of the gears offers a significant change that will make it much easier to travel over challenging terrain.


If you’re looking for a traditional hybrid that’s part mountain bike and part road bike, this isn’t the bike for you.

The heavier weight of this cruiser influenced bike can make it difficult for beginners to travel longer distances.

Unfortunately, this bike is only available in one size and is only suitable for riders taller than five feet, five inches.


A different take on a hybrid bike, the Evryjourney is a great buy for the recreational cyclist, but the bike may be too heavy and slow for the serious commuter. You’ll love how durable and reliable the bike really is, making it a great choice if you’re searching for a bike you can take to run errands or ride around town. While it leans more heavily towards a cruiser style bike, the gear system and modern brakes offer the best of both worlds. Affordably priced and built solid, this is the perfect bike for recreational use.

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Critical Cycles Men’s Barron Hybrid Bike Review-Runner-up Best Hybrid under $500

Critical Cycles Men's Barron Hybrid Bike Review

The Barron hybrid is the perfect bike if you’re looking for a dependable hybrid to take you where you need to go. It features a 6061 aluminum frame that’s both lightweight, yet sturdy. The suspension fork provides the right amount of protection against bumps in the road and offers improved handling and increased rider comfort.

The road tires are the popular Kenda Kwest tires that feature a semi-slick tread for improved handling in wet weather, thanks to the water dispersion grooves. The tires also provide lower rolling resistance.

You’ll notice other top of the line components including a Shimano twenty-one speed drivetrain, for quick, seamless shifting.

The bike also offers the typical upright handlebars you’ll find on most models of hybrids, in addition to ergonomic brake levers, twist grip shifters, a comfortable saddle, and a rear mount kickstand.


The lightweight aluminum frame is designed to handle a variety of terrains and offers improved agility and strength. The frame itself makes this bike a great choice for recreational riding or fitness training.

The zoom suspension fork will absorb any impact from bumps along the way, offering improved handling and increased comfort.

The twenty-one speed Shimano drivetrain and Mega Range gearing were huge selling points with seasoned cyclists who are familiar with both of these top of the line brands.

The gear system allows for fast and easy gear changes.

The wide tires feature semi-slick treat, improving water dispersion in wet conditions, so the cyclist can enjoy riding in any type of weather.

The ergonomic brake levers further improve rider comfort and make shifting gears simple and quick.

The rear kickstand, comfort saddle, and grip shifters are just some of the great extras that come with this model.


The Shimano shifters tend to feel a little chunky.

Over time, the steering can start squeaking.


The Barron hybrid offers a well-rounded performance. You can hit the trails or ride on city streets, use it to run some errands of for recreational rides. The bike offers great suspension, so you won’t be limited to cultivated terrain only. For the price, we felt like this hybrid offered the type of versatility the avid cyclist will love, while the daily commuter will appreciate the extensive gear system and durable lightweight frame.

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Schwinn Men’s Network Hybrid Bicycle Review-Best Affordable Cheap Hybrid Under $300

Schwinn Men's Network Hybrid Bicycle ReviewSchwinn is a popular company that’s been around for decades, producing some of the best classic bikes we all grew up with. Offering high-quality hybrid bikes at a reasonable price, it comes as no surprise that one of their newest hybrid models landed in our top ten list. Given the price, we were surprised that it comes with so many top of the line features, giving the beginner and seasoned cyclist every reason to buy.

The Men’s Network hybrid bike by Schwinn is designed for the cyclist who’s searching for a bike that offers a flawless upright riding position, the stability of a mountain bike and the efficiency of a road bike, making it perfect for commuting to and from work, hitting the bike path, or just running some errands around town.

Equipped with a large gear range and the ability to ride on city streets and dirt trails, this bike is one of the leading men’s hybrid bikes on the market and it comes with all the features the casual cyclist will love.

Offering an aluminum hybrid frame, suspension fork, padded saddle, lightweight alloy rims, Shimano twenty-one speed rear derailleur, quick release front wheel, Easy Fire trigger shifters, and the renowned sweptback hybrid handlebars for a more relaxed riding stance.

Most models of hybrids in this price range aren’t made out of pure aluminum, so we were pleasantly surprised to learn that this Schwinn features a pure lightweight aluminum frame that still offers a strong performance despite its low weight.

The lightweight frame combined with the suspension fork and seat post results in a ride that’s highly stable and efficient. The fork works to not only absorb vibrations and shocks on city streets, but it can also allow the cyclist to hit the trails.

Fans of Shimano rear derailleurs and Easy Fire trigger shifters will love how this model performs. The twenty-one speed derailleur and shifters provide excellent gear performance.

The highly durable, lightweight alloy rims provide a smoother ride. The bike also comes with a quick release front wheel for easier transport and adjustments.

The pull brakes provide the ultimate stopping power, making this bike a good choice for riding in wet conditions.


The bike arrives partially assembled, so all you’ll have to do is install the pedals, saddle, handlebars, and front wheel.

The brakes are excellent, offering precise stopping power.

The upright riding position ensures cyclist comfort, reducing the chances of upper and lower back pain, and shoulder pain.

The suspension fork provides a smoother ride on any type of terrain.

The bike also comes with a rear pin so you can attach a rear rack.

This hybrid handles both rough terrain and cultivated terrain equally well.


Right out of the box, you’ll need to adjust the cable tension for the rear derailleur. If you’re a beginner, we recommend taking the bike to your local bike shop and allowing a pro to make the necessary adjustments.

Another issue involves the saddle, which is described as stiff and uncomfortable.

The tires tend to lose air pressure quickly and could definitely use an upgrade.


The Men’s Network hybrid bike is a good buy. It’s offered at the right price and comes with top of the line features such as the twenty-one-speed rear derailleur. While it does have a few flaws, we didn’t find any that would be considered deal breakers. If you’re a beginner, expect to pay extra to have a professional adjust the rear derailleur, which can be a tricky job even for seasoned cyclists. We recommend this hybrid for fitness riding and commuting.

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How You Can Get the Inside Scoop on Quality and Performance Before they Buy

Often, it’s not easy to separate the good hybrid bikes from the bad when you’re just eyeballing the specs and features. In fact, it can be almost impossible. Many lower priced models or even top of the line models of hybrids that end up with defective components come with great gear systems and drivetrains, probably from brands you’re familiar with. So, how can you determine how a hybrid is going to perform, or even how long it’s going to last if you can’t even try it out before you buy?

The answer is simple. Read the best hybrid bike reviews. You’ll be able to get the inside scoop from consumers who have purchased a particular model you’re interested in and have given their feedback regarding quality and performance. You won’t get a better inside look at how these models perform, so learn what you can about every hybrid you’re interested in before you buy. These bikes aren’t cheap. Even the lower priced models require a certain degree of upkeep and upgrades in terms of the saddle, tires, and other features. So, play it smart. This is a serious investment, especially if you’re shopping for a hybrid bike that you can use as a commuter.

Northwoods Ladies Crosstown Hybrid Bicycle Review-Buyer Beware

Northwoods Ladies Crosstown Hybrid Bicycle ReviewThis is one of the top-selling hybrids we came across that ended up with negative feedback from consumers and pros. So, we decided to do a little digging to see exactly what this model has to offer, what issues you can expect, and why it received such a low rating from cyclists.

The Northwoods Crosstown hybrid bike for women is designed as a daily commuter and for around town riding. It clearly wasn’t designed with off-roading in mind and can’t handle rougher terrain. But if you simply need a bike you can use on the weekends for recreational riding, then this might not be an issue.

The bike features a lightweight aluminum frame and twenty-one speeds for easy adjustability. The linear pull brakes offer excellent stopping power. The bike also comes with a quick release seat clamp, fenders, and a rear rack.

The frame is designed in the classic hybrid bike upright position for a more comfortable ride.

While the bike features an elegant, clean look and an overall sturdy design, upon further inspection we noticed this hybrid is packed with problems.

Right off the bat, the biggest complaint we came across involved vague, confusing assembly instructions. Even seasoned cyclists had trouble putting this bike together, reporting it took an average assembly time of an hour and a half.

Once you manage to get the bike assembled and test it out you’ll also notice the bike has trouble shifting gears. When you try to change gears,  it takes several cycles before the chain manages to correctly latch. This is a problem that even stumped the pros. It turns out, the bike is equipped with defective parts, including the front derailleur. Additionally, many of the screws are cross-threaded. If you plan on keeping this bike, you’ll need to plan of replacing the derailleur.

This bike weighs around thirty-five pounds, which for most cyclists made the bike too heavy to use as a daily commuter and discouraged longer bike rides.


Most cyclists can agree that this hybrid can’t handle much more than flat terrain. If you’re looking for a reliable hybrid, one that can be used as a daily commuter or just for a little off-roading, clearly this bike isn’t for you.

For the price, we weren’t surprised by many of the low-end components, but a bike you can’t even ride after it’s been assembled just unacceptable to us. So, do yourself a favor and steer clear of this hybrid at all costs.

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Hybrid Bike Buying Guide

The best hybrid bike comes equipped with both mountain bike and road bike features. These bikes often have wider tires than what you’ll find on a standard road bike, yet they’re narrower than tires found on a mountain bike. Essentially, these bikes can offer you the best of both worlds, allowing you to tackle a wider range of terrain types while providing a more comfortable ride.

With a flat handlebar design, the more relaxed position allows the cyclist to ride with a straight back, as opposed to the hunched over stance thats used for other types of bikes. A more aggressive riding stance often leads to a wide range of health problems including tension and pain in the back and shoulders.

Most modern models of hybrid bikes come with standard disc brakes, which offer improved stopping power.

Hybrid styles tend to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some will closely resemble a mountain bike, while others will have more of a road bike influence.

The hybrid’s frame design usually consists of a taller head tube and shorter top tube. Some models also feature a downward sloping top tube design, which works to make dismounting easier.

Men and Women’s Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bike Buying Guide

Many major brands produce unisex or men’s hybrids, while a few leading brands also produce models designed specifically for women. Models that are designed for women will feature a smaller frame and a different saddle design.

A woman’s hybrid bike is more designed for casual riding and will come complete with the top bar slanted down toward the saddle, which is designed to make it easier for a shorter rider to get on and off the bike. However, women can also ride a men’s hybrid to enjoy a more rugged model and a bike that allows for a better off-road riding experience.

On a men’s hybrid, the bar is placed parallel to the ground.

Since the woman’s hybrid is usually shorter in length, the seat is often positioned higher than a man’s saddle in order to compensate for the length difference.

Last of all, the handlebars on a men’s hybrid are slightly wider than the handlebars on a hybrid for women. For women, the bars are placed at thirty-eight to forty centimeters, to best suit the average size of a woman’s shoulders, which are usually much narrower than a man’s.  The handlebars on a hybrid for men comes in at around forty-two to forty-four centimeters.

Riding Preference

Choosing the right hybrid can depend on where you ride the most. Do you need a hybrid that’s more like a road bike or more like a mountain bike?

You should go with a road-oriented hybrid if you tend to stick to bike paths and street riding. These bikes usually feature the same fork and frame that’s found on sporty road bikes, with the exception of the more upright riding position and flat handlebar design. The tires will be a little narrower and slick, allowing you to reach top speeds, faster. This style of hybrid will also come with gearing that’s designed for fast riding over flat surfaces.

Now, if you normally prefer to stick to rough bike paths and trails, then you should go with a hybrid that leans more towards a mountain bike. The biggest difference with this style of hybrid it that it comes with a suspension fork. The fork is designed to improve the rider’s comfort when hitting rutted surfaces or going over rough terrain. These models often come with wider tires for more gripping power and they usually have easier gearing that’s more road-oriented.


Most hybrids are made from one of the three following materials:

  • Carbon
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

The least commonly used of the three materials is probably steel. This material can add too much weight, making it tough to haul uphill or transport. But there is an upside to hybrids made from steel and that’s durability.

Aluminum is the most popular choice and it’s used for hybrid bikes in every price range. An aluminum frame can provide a more comfortable ride, offers a lighter weight, and can handle rough use.

Carbon is often found on higher priced hybrids. This type of material is a great choice if you’re looking for a faster bike.

You’ll also find a few models of hybrids that combine a carbon fork with an aluminum frame. This combo will keep the bike’s cost down, while the fork tends to do a much better job of soaking up vibration from rough terrain.


As far as gearing quality goes, you can expect lower priced hybrids to offer a minimal amount of gears. You may also encounter stiff gears and issues with gear changes.

Higher priced hybrids offer better quality group sets. This means better quality shifting with minimal effort when you’re shifting between gears.

But if you only need a hybrid that can get you to and from work, then the quality of the gears probably isn’t a big priority. On the other hand, if your commute consists of hilly terrain, then a model with an excellent gear system can help make your commute a little easier and get you to and from work much faster.

To make it even more confusing, hybrid gear systems come in a range of styles.

Single speed gears and fixed gears will only come with one setting, so you won’t be able to adjust the resistance level.

Hub gears feature a system that’s enclosed in the rear hub. These gear systems often come in three to eight-speed varieties.

Continuously variable transmission allows the rider to switch gears more fluidly, anywhere within the spectrum instead of having to go from lowest to highest, one at a time.

The derailleur is the most common type of gear system. Derailleurs use a combination of sprockets and chainrings and they allow you to move the chain to different sprockets.You can change gears via the controls on the handlebars, which allows you to choose a combo of sprockets and chainrings, providing a lot of resistance options. These changes are made with controls located on the right and left-hand side of the handlebars.

Frame Size

When shopping for a new bike, you’ll also have the option to choose the frame size. The size of the frame tells you something about the distance between individual elements and the actual size of the bike. As an example, the distance from the handlebars to the saddle, or the distance from the pedals to the handlebars.

If you end up with a hybrid that’s too big, then pedaling will be difficult. You also won’t be able to place your feet flat on the ground for balance.

Fortunately, the height of the saddle is usually adjustable, and so are the handlebars on most models. As far as options go for frame sizes, you’ll only need to choose between three or four sizes ranging from small to extra-large. In terms of size, you’ll find there are slightly different definitions of each for women’s and men’s bikes.


Hybrid bikes use either disc or rim brakes. Disc brakes grip a rotor that’s attached to the hub of the tire, while rim brakes use a couple of pads to grip the rim of the tire. Both types of brakes come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Rim brakes are a more affordable option and are considered the preferred braking method by many beginners and seasoned cyclists. They’re also much lighter compared to disc brakes and are easier to maintain and adjust.

Disc brakes are commonly used on mountain bikes and have been for years. Recently, these brakes have made their way onto hybrids. They’re more pricey than rim brakes, so you’ll only find them on the top of the line hybrid bikes. Many cyclists feel that they offer improved stopping power and a more reliable performance in dry and wet conditions compared to rim brakes.

Saddle Style

For some, the type of saddle that comes with a new bike isn’t a make it or break it feature, considering most cyclists immediately upgrade the stock saddle to the type of saddle they normally use, such as a heavily padded or gel topped saddle. Most stock saddles aren’t going to be very comfortable, especially on lower priced hybrids, however, there are some exceptions.


Just like with most styles of bikes, a hybrid bike is usually sold with chunky or flat stock pedals that most cyclists will swap out right away.

Hybrid Commuter

Suspension forks are designed to absorb impact from rough terrain, insulating the rider from bumps and jolts. A bike with a suspension fork provides a more comfortable ride ensuring that you remain in total control even when you’re riding on challenging trails.

A suspension seatpost is another must-have feature for the avid off-roader. Like a suspension fork, the seatpost helps to absorb impact caused by rough terrain, providing a smoother ride.

Why a Hybrid?

Hybrids are adaptable, versatile, and durable. They’re great either on a gravel trail or on the road. But buying a hybrid can be more complicated than buying a dedicated mountain bike or road bike because the styles tend to vary greatly by brand and model.

There are a number of reasons for choosing the best hybrid bike:

  • Hybrids feature large fast rolling tires that can make it much easier when riding on cultivated terrain. Mountain bike tires are made to grip rocky trails, which is ideal if you’re riding through a mountain pass, but it can make it difficult to ride on smoother terrain, requiring more effort.
  • Many cyclists can agree that hybrids are among some of the most comfortable bikes on the market. This is due to the handlebar design that allows for a comfortable cycling position. On a hybrid, you won’t have to worry about the constant chronic pain that’s usually associated with a road bike, including lower back, shoulder, and neck pain.
  • A hybrid is also much lighter than the average mountain bike, yet they’re heavier than a road bike. When you ride a mountain bike, you’ll find that it requires a lot more effort to pedal the same distance as a hybrid.
  • A hybrid is also able to ride off-road. While you probably wouldn’t want to ride one down a dedicated mountain trail, you can if you have to.
  • Most manufacturers realize that a hybrid will be used for general purpose riding, so they come equipped with mudguards and rack mountings, both of which will make commuting much easier.

The Hybrid Commuter

Most people who enjoy riding a bike to and from work will find that the hybrid can best suit their needs.

When deciding which type of hybrid will be the best for commuting, you’ll need to consider the length of your commute, terrain type, and whether or not you need to haul any gear such as a messenger bag, your lunch, or a laptop.

For a ride where the road conditions are the best, you may need a model that’s equipped with front suspension.

For longer commutes or for cyclists who need a faster bike, a model with narrow tires, a more aggressive riding position, and a lightweight frame, may be the best fit.

Attaching a pannier rack can be the perfect solution if you need to carry a lot of gear.

Optional Accessories

Hybrids are considered very versatile, not just because they combine the functionality of a road bike and mountain bike, but also because they’re compatible with a wide range of accessories that you can use to make your ride or commute much more enjoyable.

A larger percentage of hybrids will come equipped with fenders, especially models that are designed with the commuter in mind. If a hybrid doesn’t come with fenders, they’ll often come equipped with mounting points along the frame which will allow you to install full-length fenders.

These mounting points also enable you to install pannier racks on the rear of the bike. These racks are designed to carry pannier bags.

Bike lights are mandatory in some states for night riding or when riding in low light conditions such as fog. Some states will require both a front a rear bike light, while others will only require a headlight.

Final Thoughts

We hope our site has helped you find the perfect hybrid to suit your cycling needs, whether you’re looking for a recreational bike to use on the weekends, or a reliable hybrid you can use to commute to and from work. Each model we have included in our list offers unique features and qualities, whether it’s versatility, durability, or speed. These reviews are designed to give you an in-depth look at the pros and cons of each bike, so you’ll get the facts before you hit that buy now button.